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The use of the Riverside Village HOA pool is subject to each individual user taking personal responsibility for the potential risks and following State and Federal Guidelines.   

Please follow these guidelines when using the pool:   

   * USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - the HOA is taking precautionary measures to open the pool for homeowners, however, use is at the risk and liability of the individual.

   * NO GUESTS ALLOWED - at this time, please do not bring non-residents to the pool.

   * PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING - while there is no evidence of COVID-19 spreading through the water due to the chemicals, it may still be transmitted through the air.

   * NUMBER OF USERS LIMITED - there is a 15 user MAXIMUM in place, please do not exceed this number. Please be courteous of other users and limit time of use and number of guests.

   * PLAN ACCORDINGLY - the pool furniture will not be taken out at this time and the bathrooms will not be open. If you bring your own chairs, equipment, etc., please take it with you when you leave.


Please be advised that lawn mowers and other such large equipment should not be used on pedestrian easements to access property along the nature path. These easements are for pedestrian use.

Keep in mind, the property along the easement belongs to a fellow home owner, and use of such equipment has a negative impact on their property by quickly destroying sod and creating ruts.  

Landscape companies, or other companies needing to access property behind the homes along the path with large equipment should enter at the entrance to the path, rather than at an easement.

Please inform your landscaper of this issue immediately, if you're aware that they are utilizing an easement to access your lawn.

About Riverside Village

Riverside Village, is a non-gated community and is one of the Treasure Valleys' premiere sub-divisions. Riverside Village is centrally located in Garden City. Garden City is bordered by Boise and Eagle on the north side of the Boise River, off of Glenwood Avenue between State and Chinden Streets. It is convenient to downtown Boise, shopping, medical facilities and is less than an hour away from the Bogus Basin ski resort.
With 149 homes, 12 ponds and a beautiful lake which attract and enhance the area's wildlife, there is a view from every location. Riverside Village has acres of trees and landscapes with a meandering Nature Path along the Boise River and Long Lake with views of the surrounding mountains. The subdivision has mature trees that create a sense of history and relate to the mountainous region that surrounds the Idaho Treasure Valley. 

Common Grounds & Waterways

Common Grounds

New Ideas for a Mature Subdivision
Dry, but far from desolate Growing native and drought-tolerant plants saves money and water while celebrating Idaho's landscape Idaho Statesman June 25, 2007.

Noxious Weed Awareness
This Noxious Weed List (website) contains information about Idaho's 66 noxious weeds.

Idaho Weed Awareness: Every year, noxious weeds cause our state over $300 million in lost revenue.

"Native plants have grown up here and have adapted to our neighborhoods, day length, extremes of heat and cold, soils of the desert and ancient river benches...."


Our Ponds and Waterways
We ask homeowners to always be cognizant of our ponds and help in the following ways:
LITTER: Avoid littering and pick up litter when possible.
FERTILIZER & TREATMENTS: Please do not fertilize any of the common area grasses or trees without permission from the Landscape Manager. Fertilizers end up in the ponds if spread too close to their edges. Do not treat ponds for algae.
VEHICLE MAINTENANCE: Take care in washing cars to avoid spillage of detergent and oils that end up as a sheen of oils and soaps on the water of our ponds.
FISHING: Please enjoy fishing Riverside Village.
Fishing is for residents and their families only; guests are allowed only with the resident present.
Catch-and-release techniques should be used on our ponds.
Barb-less hooks, artificial lures and flies should be used exclusively.

Idaho Weed Awareness
Every year, noxious weeds cause our state over $300 million in lost revenue.

For more information on milfoil and taxifolia please read the Idaho Noxious Weed Alert Brochure

Association Management
Sentry Management
6149 N. Meeker Place
Boise, ID 83713

Caia McCurdy
Phone: (208) 323-1080 x59507   Fax: (208)-853-1960

Sentry Management
Garden City Police
City of Garden City

Board Meetings

The RVHOA Board meets at 7pm every 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Clubhouse. Residents are encouraged to attend. 

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